How To Get A Diploma In Life Coaching?

Life coaches are the people who are responsible for providing the support, motivation and discipline in the life of their clients so that these could provide structure to their routine and could help them in enhancing their confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental health, work and family life. The life coaches from The Life coaching Academy focus on those points which are important and essential for their client to move forward in their life. These people are not biased and judgmental and therefore, provide the best support and commitment.

What is the diploma in life coaching for?

It is not necessary designed for those people who want to provide support and coaching to other people but also for the people who themselves want to learn these life skills and want to use these to understand and improve their personal and work life. The common professionals such as GPs, therapists, coaches, advocacy, physios and care supporters could use a great deal with these courses. Having qualified this course, these people could work in employment of other people and could also work as independent self-employed persons.

How is this course is delivered?

The duration of the course is two years and is usually delivered online with some skills developed under supervision. The features of the course are given as following.

Face to face skills: In this part of the course, the students are invited to the campus and workshops are given for various skills development. These workshops are held by the experts of the field and these are usually given monthly and are scheduled on Saturdays in most of the cases. The rules and regulations of the courses could differ depending upon the institution that is teaching it but in most of the cases, the students are required to attend at least one of the workshops and then they have the choice to attend the rest.

Online: This part of the course focuses on the theoretical concepts which can be covered through online video conferencing. These lectures are also given by experts and usually the live sessions between the experts and the students enable them to understand various concepts and answers their queries. If some student still has the confusion then he could ask this in the face to face monthly workshop sessions. Visit this link if you are interested in life coaching  courses online.

Certification: On completion of the course, students are given various kind of the accreditations and certification and this could also vary from country to country and the accreditation bodies could also be changed.

Online content:

There is online community formed where the students could share the resources and could download various kind of the helping materials which are uploaded by either professors or fellow students.

Apart from all this, there are other features as well which include the business coaching, discounted courses, mentorship and study buddy programs, support from tutors and professors as well as the access to the resource kit for coaching.