Tips On Saving Non –renewable Resources

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As responsible citizens we all need to take measures to save both renewable and non-renewable resources for the future generation. At the rate at which these resources are being used, it can have negative effect on our planet earth. Here are few tips which will help you save them: 

Shift to eco friendly methods

You could switch your electricity to solar energy as it is more ecofriendly. Also it is easier on the pocket, so if every family uses solar energy then it would be highly beneficial. Apart from that it is also easier to maintain which again saves cash. One should also try to reduce the use of petrol as this is another resource which is slowly running out. You could try to do carpooling whenever possible this will not only save fuel but will also reduce the traffic levels. When buying a car go for the one which runs on battery which contributes to saving energy or you could even buy electric bikes Melbourne. Travelling in a bike instead of car has many benefits for your health too for example it ensures you get your daily dose of exercise and also reduces air and noise pollution which leads to clean environment to live in.

Reduce, Re use and Recycle

How often have you read this but never really acted towards it. Today everyone is educated about things such as how bad plastic is to our planet yet we do nothing about it? Most of the supermarkets have an ecofriendly carry bag yet we still choose to go for those plastic bags. It is high time each of us starts acting responsible and take measures to save this planet. Papers are made out of trees, so whenever you can you should recycle it as it will reduce the rate of deforestation. Try to refrain polythene at all times, you could have a small carry bag on your purse or car which can be used instead of plastic or polythene bags. Government too needs to interfere here and increase the taxes on vehicles but make sure that electric bikes for sale are tax free to encourage people to buy that instead. They could even reduce the tax rates on hybrid cars which are far more economical and beneficial to the environment.Lastly, one should not take renewable resources for granted. This is because we might run out of them as well. For example factories who require trees to make furniture and paper need to make sure that they plant two trees for every one they destroy and government should impose heavy fines on companies who extract coal, mine to discourage the use of it.

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